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If you have experienced an eye injury or if you feel that something is suddenly wrong with your eyes that may need immediate medical attention, please contact our office at 360-357-3410.

Emergencies During Non-Business Hours. If your eye emergency occurs at night or on the weekend when our office is closed, please call our office and follow the prompts to reach the doctor on call. We have a doctor on call 24/7 that, if necessary, will see you to treat your emergency.

Common Eye Emergencies:


  • An increase in flashes and floaters in your vision

  • Sudden loss of vision

  • Foreign body in the eye

  • Possible eye infections

  • Sudden onset of double vision

  • Any chemical in the eye

  • Any severe or persistant eye pain

  • Poked or scratched in the eye

  • Trauma to eye or eyelid

Chemical in the Eye


If you get chemicals splashed into your eyes, you need to immediately flush the eye with saline or water continuously for 15-20 minutes, or until the burning/stinging stops. The best option, if available, is an eyewash station, these are generally only located in workplaces that work directly with chemicals. Alternately, if you have access to a bathtub when the accident occurs, immediately lie down in the bathtub with your eye under the waterspout. Time is of the essence with chemical injuries so don’t worry about getting your clothes wet, just start flushing the eye. Once you have finished the 15-20 minute eyewash, contact our office to be seen immediately.

Foreign Body in the Eye


If you get something lodged in your eye, do not try to remove it. Often times attempting to remove a foreign body on your own will cause more damage to your eye. The best thing to do is first try flushing your eye out with saline or water and if it doesn’t remove whatever is in the eye, then contact our office to be seen by one of our doctors.

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